Pendle Award Honourees

The Pendle Award has been named in honour of the Pendle Fund donors, one of the earliest gifts and largest funds held by the Foundation. This award honours those who demonstrate that philanthropy can truly transform our community. In June 2022 during our 20th Anniversary Event, we announced the two awards for 2021, and they are:

Individual Pendle Award: Joanne Winkworth

The 2021 Individual Pendle Award was awarded posthumously to fund holder Joanne Winkworth. The award was presented to her sister, Jean Dunk, and close friend, Diana McCabe.

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Corporate or Organization Award: Novo Nordisk Canada Inc.

The 2021 Corporate Pendle Award was awarded to fund holder Novo Nordisk Canada Inc. The award was presented to Marsha Rosenberg, Stakeholder Relations Manager, and Andrew Robertson, External Affairs, Sr. Manager.

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We congratulate our newest Pendle Award Honourees, Joanne Winkworth and Novo Nordisk Inc!