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*Applicable only to the 2024 Pendle Grant, Hazel McCallion Arts, Culture and Heritage Grant, Smart and Caring Children and Youth Grant and the Novo Nordisk Chronic Disease Grant.

How do I apply for a grant?

Grants are submitted on our online grants portal. Please visit How to Apply for more information on how to apply for a grant.

Can two charities partner on one application?

Yes, two registered charities are welcome to apply for funding together. However, one charity must become the lead organization on an application. If successful, this lead charity will receive The Foundation’s grant and be responsible for its stewardship throughout the year. Charitable partnerships must be outlined within the application. There is a question which specifically asks for details around partnerships and collaborations. If two charities are partnering together on an application, both charities in the application are only eligible to submit one collaborative application to one funding stream. Once this application is submitted that funding stream will accept no more applications from the two charities who have partnered. All other funding streams remain open to the two charities for unique/different applications.

Can an organization without Canadian registered charitable status (e.g. Not-For-Profit) apply for a grant?

Yes. A not-for-profit organization can apply however they must be partnered with a Canadian registered charity. A Partnership Confirmation Agreement can be found within the application and must be completed by both parties.

Does our organization qualify to apply?

Grants may only be made to qualified grantees (i.e. registered charities) as described by the Income Tax Act. Click here for a list of registered Canadian charities found on the Canada Revenue Agency website.

Does a grant to a project in one or multiple years in the past imply success for the same project in the future?

No, funding is always granted for a single year. Even if your project or program has received funding for several years in the past this does not imply future funding.

How often can we apply?

Applications are normally accepted on an annual basis for a four-week period beginning in late February. You may apply to multiple funds however the projects must be completely different from each other. Click here to see which grants are available.

Are late applications accepted?

Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

When can we expect to hear if our application has been approved?

Grants are generally approved in April-May. Your organization will be notified if your application has been successful.

What if our organization receives a grant for a particular project and we are unable to proceed with the project?

It's essential in this situation that you let our Grants and Community Initiatives Team know as soon as possible at  [email protected]. We will work with your organization to see what alternatives can be found, but it is possible in certain circumstances that the grant (or a portion of the grant) may need to be returned to the Foundation.

Does the Foundation provide grants to religious organizations?

Registered charitable organizations serving people in Mississauga are eligible to apply for project grants. This may include religious organizations. However, the project proposal submitted cannot be religious in nature and must align with the Foundation's funding priorities.

Contact  [email protected] for more information.