Pendle Award Honourees

The Pendle Award has been named in honour of the Pendle Fund donors, one of the earliest gifts and largest funds held by the Foundation. This award honours those who demonstrate that philanthropy can truly transform our community. In December, we announced that we have made two awards for 2019, and they are:

Individual Pendle Award: Cliff Silveira

Cliff Silveira is the Managing Partner and Director of Operations of the Mississauga Convention Centre. For generations, his family has been welcoming our community to their facility to mark and celebrate important occasions.

Cliff founded the Mississauga Convention Centre Foundation. It created the Misscon Foundation and Rainbow Ball Fund endowment with the Community Foundation, proceeds from their Rainbow Ball. Cliff also played a key role in our Dancing With Mississauga Stars event – he was the winner of the 2016 Mirrorball Trophy, and raising $39,000 through his incredible fundraising efforts.

Cliff Silveira has played a significant role in community development. He has been committed to charitable work to advance causes across our community, including his current role as President of Peel Children’s Aid Foundation.

Corporate or Organization Award: KMB Law

The Community Foundation of Mississauga was founded in 2001 by a group of volunteers, and KMB Law partner Colin Mason worked with them to frame the articles of incorporation and navigating through the legal channels. The Community Foundation continues to maintain a strong connection with KMB Law, its partners and its team of lawyers and staff. They have volunteered on our Board of Directors and many committees, enthusiastically adding their talents to the success of our endeavors. We have been fortunate that Keyser Mason Ball has been an advocate and ambassador for the Community Foundation, and they are an incredible source of support to us as a charity. Keyser Mason Ball has played a sustaining role as our leading Corporate partner. This endorsement has meant so much to the Community Foundation – an affirmation of the role we need to play in the community, and an example of what a great corporate leader is in our community.

Supporting their philosophy of giving where you live, KMB Law’s lawyers and staff can be seen providing volunteer leadership at a myriad of organizations in support of children’s literacy, the environment, nutrition, culture and diversity within our community.

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Cliff Silveira

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We congratulate our newest Pendle Award Honourees, Cliff Silveira and KMB Law!