Many charitable organizations are concerned about ensuring sustainable funding and are interested in how endowments can help ensure the future of their work. But they may be concerned about the complexity of endowments and additional planned gifts. The Community Foundation of Mississauga provides services and expertise to help charitable organizations establish their own Charitable Fund building professionally managed capital and receiving annual granting from the income earned on their fund.

Charitable organizations can work with the Community Foundation of Mississauga and benefit from:

  • having their funds pooled with other funds to ensure returns are enhanced at a lower cost
  • the knowledge that their funds are being managed by a team of experts with ongoing oversight from the Foundation’s Board of Directors
  • once established, the charity can encourage their donors to contribute to their endowed fund.
  • confidence from their donors who are considering a planned gift, knowing that the fund is being invested with the Community Foundation

Charitable organizations can establish a Charitable Fund with an initial investment of $10,000.

Please download the  Charitable Funds Explained  document or click the image below for more information.

Charitable Funds Explained

For more information on Agency funds, download the CFofM Agency Funds Explained document.